Your source for Bespoke and Handmade Exotic Car Parts

Auto-Pilot Exotics LLC is more than just a online premium parts ecommerce store. It is a business
focused on improved the overall quality of performance parts offered to the exotic car owner.
We focus on using aviation standards when fabricating our products so that the auto-pilot can
increase the enjoyment of their exotic car and start every drive with a smile on their face.

The Owners and fabricators (Aaron and Liz) are both US Army service members.  In the last 16 years Aaron has completed 5 overseas tours. His area of specialty lies on the focus of aviation maintenance repairs, troubleshooting and aircraft inspections. After 7 years of hands on work as an Aircraft Technician, he spent 3 years as a technical inspector enforcing aviation standards through quality assurance.

By year 10 of his service, Aaron transitioned to aviation logistics and human resource management.
His passion for the automotive culture goes back to when he was 14 years old.  Since then, his experience with performance enhancing applications combined with his aviation experience all has forged and expanded his skill set.

Aarons focus is to ensure he meets the intent of the exotic car owners request, and to create
components to make the drivers experience with the car pure bliss.

Liz’s occupation specialty focuses on parts supply management, and supply logistics. Liz is more
than a car enthusiast, she is a member of the auto community that inspires to develop next level
products for all exotic car owners to enjoy.

We are honored to provide a product and service to you in the way that we do. Please contact us if you would like to discuss Bespoke project options in the near future!