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Auto-Pilot Exotics Pre-LP Gallardo Twin Turbo System

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Pre-LP Gallardo Twin Turbo Kit

The Pre-LP Gallardo Twin Turbo Kit was designed by the owner, Aaron Eddington. He had two things in mind when creating this work of art. He wanted the Twin Turbo kit to provide a significant amount of performance increase for the Pre-LP Gallardo, as well as present a remarkable appearance when viewed by the owner and all spectators at any given moment.

Aaron has explored multiple configurations with the placement of the turbos on the Pre-LP Gallardo, and he has come to find that there are two styles that satisfy all variations of Gallardo owners. One of them being ” The Viewers Choice”. It is a style consisting of the twin turbo inlets facing towards each other, at the same time having a small angle toward onlookers to the rear of the vehicle. This configuration presents a nice view of the turbos without having to drive around bumper less. The view of the turbos through the rear grill is framed by a custom designed Carbon Fiber trim piece that replaces the OEM Grill. This Carbon fiber Trim allows for a favorable view of the turbos from an aesthete at a quick or elongated glance that will create love at first sight. This is why he named this style configuration “The Viewers Choice”.


If you want a twin turbo kit that has more of a reversed design twist to it, the “TT Center Exit” kit might be the perfect option for you! The “TT Center Exit” kit removes the down pipes from the OEM bumper exit location. This design allows the turbo down pipes to exit the center grill in the rear bumper. It is a beautiful sight when seeing fireballs pop out at almost near eye level sight. This configuration also allows for a perfect view of the titanium turbo intakes and filters through the Bespoke carbon fiber grills under the tail lights. Spooling sound coming from the turbos will echo through the large 4 inch Titanium turbo intakes that are directed to the driver and passenger side of the car. There is nothing subtle about the sounds and image of this “Center Exit” twin turbo kit.

Both kits are designed to fit OEM cats, Sport cats, or test pipes. The supplied Test pipes for the kit are the only recommended pipes due to the added flex pipe section in the APE Test pipes.  This kit is designed for off road use, and will not pass epa emission testing.

These kits are designed to be able to be installed at home if the owner favors this option. Recently the Green Gallardo seen in the photos dynoed 620WHP with 5psi spring setting. We have a designated 3rd party tuner that will bench flash the Gallardo ECUs for an additional cost of $3,500. Please see the Tune section of the website and add this to your cart prior to check out to ensure best performance and enjoyment of your new Gallardo Twin Turbo kit!


STG1 Twin Turbo Kit includes:

-Bespoke water/air intercoolers using aerospace grade 6062 aluminum, with an above industry average wall thickness for increased strength. Each intercooler engineered with the use of 500 HP rated Garrett cores.

-State of the art TIG welded and back purged titanium intercooler charge pipes (heat treated or natural finish options available).

-50 MM PTE v-band clamp Blow off valves.

-46MM PTE Waste Gates, with recirculating dump tubes into down pipes, or dump to ground.

-Four inch titanium TIG welded and back purged turbo intakes with massive K&N Air filters.

-Strategically TIG welded and back purged 304L x pipe exhaust with v-bands and clamps to turbos. Heat wrap included!

-Custom designed 3.0 & 3.5 inch down pipe options ( Center Exit Exhaust or OEM location Exhaust exit options).

-Two Custom Spec 6266 PTE GEN II Ball Bearing Turbos with Stainless Steel v-band exhaust housings. With turbo blankets

– Dual row heat exchanger with mounts (coup). Spyders: Dual stage heat exchanger for front bumper.

–  High flow electronic Water Pump with harness.

-2.5gal ice tank with all fittings and water lines to complete the liquid/air intercooler system.

– Nylon sleeved stainless steel PTFE oil return lines with aircraft quality AN fittings built, and ready to install.

-Stainless Steel braided oil feed line with all fittings from block to turbo oil inlet port.

-All necessary vacuum lines, clamps, couplers, and brackets to complete the installation.

– Two Stainless Steele Test pipes pre heat wrapped.



-Bespoke hand crafted Liquid/air intercoolers using CSF cores rated for 1000hp each.

-Light weight spec Titanium Down pipes and dump tubes.

– Turbo Smart GEN V 50mm blow off valves.

-Turbo Smart GEN V  50mm Waste Gates.

(Updated as of 27-AUG-2023)


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