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Pre-LP Gallardo Test Pipes

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Pre-LP Gallardo Test pipes (2004-2008)
These are the most sought after bolt on parts in the Gallardo aftermarket community. There are multiple reasons why the Gallardo owner would chose to change out the cats. Ranging from deteriorating OEM Cat cells(which cause engine internal damage), to simply seeking an exhaust system upgrade for sound and visual entertainment reasons. Noticeable fireballs seem to be the crowd favorite when upgrading to the test pipes in the exhaust section.

The Auto-Pilot Exotics Test pipe set comes pre wrapped with heat wrap, as well as a new set of stainless steel misfire tubes. Auto-Pilot Exotics offers top shelf products. By doing so, there is no extra charge for the misfire tubes, or for heat wrapping the test pipe set.

These test pipes are engineered with a flex pipe section. The purpose behind that is to take the stress of the donut gaskets, which are the main friction point of the component. The flex pipe allows vibration and movement to be absorbed into the flexible section, instead of at the welds and donut gasket mating surface. Saving the gaskets and welds from excess friction and deterioration from engine movement and vibration.

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Pipe Material

Stainless, Titanium


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