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Pre-LP Misfire Tubes

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Some owners encounter a CEL for clogged misfire tubes. This will display  1-5 & 6-10 on the dash. Although there may be many reasons to why this CEL comes on. One common reason is that the OEM Misfire tubes get clogged and cause this CEL code. Early Gallardo Misfire tubes were made of Mild steel. The Mild steel tend to rust over time and clog. Which will throw a CEL code.

Not only is clogging an issue, the OEM misfire tubes have been known to seize in the threaded bung on the OEM cats. We have also seen the issue of rounded off  hex barrel nut that holds the tube in the cat/test pipe.

This Auto-Pilot Exotics misfire tube set is a great solution to these problems and also a preventative maintenance you can proactively do before they become an issue/ when they become an issue.

The Auto-Pilot Exotics Misfire tubes are constructed out of 304L Stainless steel. They have a better anti corrosion property than mild steel, therefore they will last longer and work well to keep that CEL Code from popping up for the associated misfire tube issue.

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